QT Prostate MRI

Your solution for quality training of prostate MRI interpretation. 

The Problem

The prostate is a notoriously challenging organ to read on MRI because of anatomical location and uniformity of the tissue. In order for radiologists to achieve consistent, accurate, and reproducible reporting of prostate MRI, they need years of specialized training and practice within a clinical setting. This is not always possible with the current demanding workloads at imaging facilities.

The Solution

QT Prostate MRI uses a combination of machine learning, random forest weighting, and either bpMRI or mpMRI image sets to produce a colorized map of both normal and abnormal tissue. The software was trained with thousands of prostate MRI cases with the resulting pathology labs, creating a significant degree of accuracy. QT Prostate MRI is an excellent tool to check the accuracy of a read during both training and as quality oversight during clinical practice.


How It Works

The program fits naturally into the radiological workflow. Once the technologist has acquired the images, the T2, ADC, and DWI will be sent via HIPAA-secure VPN to our cloud-hosted server. The images will be processed within minutes and returned with the image set and a report. Physicians and students can then use the results of QT Prostate MRI to build their skill set, monitor their progress, and ensure the highest degree of accuracy on their reads.

Sample Reports from QT Prostate MRI

QT Prostate MRI Report
QT Prostate MRI Report

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QT Prostate MRI Sample Report
QT Prostate MRI Sample Report

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QT Prostate MRI Sample Report
QT Prostate MRI Sample Report

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QT Prostate MRI Report
QT Prostate MRI Report

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Bot Image™, Inc is a medical imaging software company that utilizes artificial intelligence technology for magnetic resonance imaging interpretation. Bot Image was incubated at ScanMed®, LLC, an established medical device company specializing in MRI hardware, prostate cancer detection, and COPD functional lung imaging with the intent of bringing highly accurate MRI interpretation software to physicians.​


Bot Image’s software interprets multi-parametric and bi-parametric MRI using random forest with instance weight and MR segmentation by deep learning with holistically-nested networks. Our first products, QT Prostate MRI and ProstatID™ were trained from thousands of proprietary MR image sets, radiologist interpretations, segmented prostate gland image sets, pathology laboratory results, correlation data, and first-pass AI interpretations to aid in the early diagnosis of prostate cancer.


Bot Image, Inc will bring prostate cancer early detection with MRI and AI to the forefront of medicine. Our highly advanced, non-invasive technology shows promise of delivering high 90th percentile sensitivity in detection, as well as, specificity (accuracy) with the near elimination of false positives and false negatives. Once refined, we will then utilize the same baseline AI algorithms to address the early diagnosis of other cancers and COPD.





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